Friday, January 11, 2013

Half Moon Modern

A layer cake of Half Moon by Moda was my second quilty gift from my mom (the first being a jelly roll of Ruby by Bonnie and Camille!)  It is the perfect complement to our green school/playroom and give a great pop of color to the big, black couch!
 The pattern is Sugar Garden from the Moda Bake shop...I only took out the applique.
This throw-sized quilt got mostly straight line quilting with some stippling thrown into the sashing just for fun.  It is probably our most used quilt.  It is always being tossed onto the floor for babies to lay on or used a part of a fort!  I love quilts that get used!!!

The one that started it all.

My cousin Taylor (pic from Dec 2011)
 I decided that I wanted to make my cousin Taylor a quilt when she was very ill last Oct/Nov.  I had friends and family illustrate and sign quilt blocks.  Then I bordered and sashed them with some Bonnie and Camille Bliss.

A few blank squares just in case we missed anyone ;-)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reunion for mom

This is the Reunion quilt that I quilted for my mom in August...lots of zigzags.  I ended up making one from the exact same pattern with very few modifications: Bella ivory instead of porceline and a charcoal sheet backing.
 I love how the quilting turned out.  Well worth the hours of hauling that 68 x 68 quilt through my little Brother machine!

Starting out

So, I'm seeing if I can really keep up with a blog about quilting...I wasn't so successful with an "everyday life" type of blog years ago.  Too much other stuff going on and no real motivation to write ;-)

But now that I'm quilting so often I feel like I should at least document these quilts somewhere.  So, here we go!

These first posts with be picture-heavy while I just catch up with the quilts I've made in the last 14 months since I got the quilting bug.

Pattern: Sliced Apples
 Fabric: Little Apples by Aneela Hoey
 Backing and binding: some random, pretty print from Joann's

 Quilting: Straight lines, 1 inch apart

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This was the second quilt top that I made.  Then it sat for a full year before I sewed up the backing and actually quilted it. 
Pretty red, semi-solid binding from Craft Warehouse

This was gifted to my in-laws this Christmas.